Comprehensive Monitoring
and Reporting

When all is said and done, other than seeing added revenue, how do you know if your campaign was successful? With real-time monitoring and reporting.

Live Reporting
Reports show you who is signing up in your opt-in web form, who is responding to your offers, how many messages have been delivered and not delivered, even how many people have unsubscribed.

With reporting tools, you view reports to find out how many actual messages were sent, how many people are opening the email, which users are clicking thru your email and to what links on your website. Monitor unsubscribes, bounces, and also track your click-through rate and see how well you're achieving your could not be simpler!

Bounce, Unsubscribe and Reply Handling

Sending out thousands of emails can turn into thousands of responses. Rather than spending hours filtering through your email replies, our system manages them for you. Bounces, unsubscribe requests and other replies are handled automatically and your database is immediately updated.

Reports present your data in easy-to-view charts and diagrams, which enables you to evaluate the performance after your emails are sent. You can reference this information when you want to: view a current campaign, compare the results of multiple campaigns, or examine the performance of the same campaign sent at different times. It's easy to see what is working and what is not working so you can make sure you are sending out the most effective emails to your customers and prospects.


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March 2004

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January 2004

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April 2003

J&E announces the acquisition of Cabling Plus Services, Inc., and incorporates it as its Premise Wiring & Network Maintenance subsidiary. Click here for more details...

November  2002

J&E delivers permission-based opt-in e-mail marketing, offers
e-mail address list database management, data delivery, response tracking and electronic CRM

March  2002

J&E announces the opening of its Invitation Division.

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