Manage and/or develop your customer database

We'll manage your data for you …securely and reliably!

Your Existing Customers
Your customer and prospect data is the lifeline of your business and nobody knows that better than we do. Whether your list is in Excel™, MS Outlook™, ACT!™, Palm™ or any other text-based format, we will store it in a secure database.
Once your list has been received it will go through our rigorous hygiene process. We de-duplicate the entire list so you never email someone twice during the same campaign. Since we comply with the highest email standards, occurrences of "bounced" emails should be minimal because bad email addresses are normally identified before an email campaign is sent out.

Your data is also protected in many ways. First, our physical database servers are locked in a secure facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Secondly, all our servers are protected by secure firewall systems from the industry leader, Cisco Systems. Be assured, your data is secure!

Acquiring New Members via Web Opt-in Forms

A web opt-in form is a customized sign up form that enables you to collect information from the people who visit your web site. We provide you with a variety of data collection options such as Email Address, First Name, Last Name, City, State, etc. as well as offering you the ability to add up to 10 additional data fields. As soon as a visitor signs up on your form, their details are automatically transferred into your account. As soon as they confirm their registration they will be “Double Opted-in” and you can begin sending them emails. Use demographics to personalize your messages to your customers. Create custom demographic fields to match your existing CRM database.



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> Managing and/or developing your customer database

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J&E delivers permission-based opt-in e-mail marketing, offers
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