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Email Services:
  Mailboxes/Autoresponders 20 per domain
  Unlimited E-mail forwarding, Read/Send Email via Browser yes
  Shopping Cart (Cart32 & Cart32+) US $20.00 per domain
  SSL Security
(Your Certificate)
  SSL Security
(Our Certificate)
US $20.00 per domain
  Credit Card Processing Optional
  Disk Storage (per Domain) 200 megs per domain
  Redundant Connections, Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 extensions, 24 Hour FTP access to your account, 24/7 email tech support yes  
  Cold Fusion yes
  Active Server Pages (ASP) yes
  ODBC (per domain) 2 per domain
  SQL Server Setup: $35.00
Monthly: $25.00 for 15 megs
$45.00 for 100 megs
  Oracle Database US $80.00 Per Month (200 Meg DB)
Setup: $80.00
ASP Components:
  ASPMail & ASPUpload yes  
Cold Fusion Components:
  CFX_ImgSize yes
  CGI-Bin, Server Side Includes (NT) , ActiveState Perl yes


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March 2004

J&E partners with Vision Financial Group, CPAs LLP to provide their clients with our full scope of printing and web solutions. Visit Vision's website at 

January 2004

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April 2003

J&E announces the acquisition of Cabling Plus Services, Inc., and incorporates it as its Premise Wiring & Network Maintenance subsidiary. Click here for more details...

November  2002

J&E delivers permission-based opt-in e-mail marketing, offers
e-mail address list database management, data delivery, response tracking and electronic CRM

March  2002

J&E announces the opening of its Invitation Division.

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