*Please be aware that some service providers (i.e. MSN) require that when you connect to the internet through their service you may not use a 3rd parties' servers to send out email. Please follow the steps below  but if you find that outlook will not allow outgoing email, this is probably the case and you will need to contact your service provider for outgoing mail server settings.



Open Outlook Express, Click on the Tools menu and select Accounts






Click on the Mail tab Then Click on Add and select Mail






In Display name type the name you want people to see. then Click Next








In E-mail address, add the email address that you want people to reply to

(i.e. then Click Next






Make sure the incoming mail server is POP3

In Incoming Mail, type 

In Outgoing Mail, type
Then Click Next








In Account name type the username

(username is your email address, i.e.
In Password type the password (Default password is "welcome")

(See "Web based mail & options" to change passwords)
Click on remember password (optional) then Click Next



Click Finish






One more step...

Click on the Tools menu and select Accounts







Select the mail account that we just configured then select
the properties tab on the right of the screen.





Next, we will select the servers tab at the top of this section, and we will confirm that
the incoming mail server is set to and the outgoing mail server is
specified as, you will next ensure that your account name reflects
the combination of your userid and domain name so in your case
  Ensure that you have your complete username
and domain name there.  Not just username. 

VERY IMPORTANT!  If you desire to also send mail out thru this server,
you will also place a check mark in the
"My server requires authentication" in the Outgoing Mail Server area.
Once checked, select Settings.
 See image below.

check  "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"

Outlook Express has now been configured to send and receive mail through mail servers @ J&E Graphic, Inc.


Web-Based Email

You may also send and receive email through any web browser by visiting:

----------------- or an assigned IP address
Username: youremailaddress (i.e.
Email Password.....:  Welcome (Default)

Click Logon

Once logged in, click on personal account options and select change password.
Enter the old password (welcome) then you new password (2x)
Click Save

Other user changeable options include autoresponses, mail forwarding, processing rules, etc...

If you have any further questions please email



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